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One of the most challenging environments to be Christian is in a college locker room. The objective of the ambassador program is to face this challenge head on and empower active college athletes to live out the gospel. As part of their Journey to Becoming 3rd, our B3rd Athletics Ambassadors will not only complete our training camp, but will gain a support network that will be with them the rest of their life. 


Qualified candidates

What are we looking for in our college ambassadors?


Active College Athlete

It does not matter what level or whether you play at a Christian or secular institution. We are seeking men and women that want to be coached, desire to live the gospel, and want to be a part of our ambassador network. 


Member At A Local Church

Christ desires us to live in community with each other and B3rd Athletics believes that the Lord's Day is extremely important. The purpose of Sunday is to worship God with other believers and when we fail to attend church, the worship of God is incomplete. 



Jesus' teachings and actions were countercultural in their emphasis on love, humility, and justice, challenging the norms and power structures of his time and continuing to inspire people to this day. We need athletes who are willing to be different. 


Pursuing Excellence 

Excellence in sports involves dedication, discipline, and a relentless commitment to improvement. We are looking for ambassadors that have a deep, deep desire to be their best in faith, knowledge, and leadership through sports. 

Ambassador Program

Training Camp

Once selected, ambassadors will attend an 8 week online training camp with other ambassadors. On the even weeks the group will meet via zoom for live training/discussion and the odd weeks will be video lessons with online submissions. The intention of this program is to equip our ambassadors with tools they can use for life.

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Ambassadors will get two different gear drops. The first will be a backpack, notebook, stickers and some t-shirts. Once the training camp is complete, the second gear drop will be enough to rep B3rd Athletics in almost every scenario. Our aim is to send your gear package in the same brand as your college program. 

(Nike, Adidas & Under Armour)

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The life of a college athlete is a full time job, so we understand the commitment this will require. For this reason, we want serious candidates and yes, we will be compensating our ambassadors for completing our training camp. We are excited about being a positive part of NIL and looking forward to great athletes representing

B3rd Athletics! 

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Get Involved

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Prayer Team

The best way to positively impact the world is through prayer. Our prayer team receives an email once a week with an update on how our program is going and the athletes' prayer intentions. Please click the link below if you are willing to pray for our athletes and coaches.  


Are you mission-driven in your field of business? Do you have a passion for positively impacting the next generation? If you answered yes to both of these questions, we are looking for you. We aim to connect B3rd Ambassadors with leaders willing to assist them as they journey through life. Click the link below, fill out our form, and we will schedule a call to learn more about you. 

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You can change the life of a college athlete by sponsoring 1 of the 12 athletes in our next ambassador training camp. The total cost to train and equip each B3rd Ambassador is $5,000.  B3rd Ministries is a nonprofit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the US Internal Revenue Code. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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