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Putting God first in athletics

When I joined a new basketball staff for the 2019-2020 season, I didn’t know a lot of details about the program I was stepping into. It was my first year at the school. I knew the program won games and had success but what I didn’t know turned out to be far more necessary than merely winning a lot of basketball games. I quickly found out that the High School program began each practice by giving the athletes 10-15 minutes of guided quiet time to spend with God. Before you skip over that too quickly, I want to ask: what basketball programs that you know of use their actual practice time to give students valuable space to spend with God? Why would a coach and a basketball staff give up practice time to do this? A coach who practices this kind of discipline with their athletes is a coach who genuinely cares about putting Christ first – even in the midst of competitive athletics where winning is an expectation.

Brian Goll (Teacher, Coach, Friend of B3rd Athletics)


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