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Silence With God

Recently, I had the privilege to attend a New Ignatian Educators Retreat in St. Louis, Missouri with a few colleagues from Jesuit. Throughout the first day of the retreat, my companions and I were asked to spend time in silent reflection, inviting the Holy Spirit into a sacred space, free from the daily distractions and chaos that so often dominate our lives. I’ll admit, I struggled (and continue to struggle) with embracing the discomfort of silence. There I was, sitting in a beautiful chapel, gazing upon a crucifix, deeply frustrated that my mind seemed to be elsewhere. My mind drifted to tasks that were either left unresolved before departing for the retreat or that were looming on the horizon upon returning from the retreat. Gifted with the time to reflect, I wrestled with the deafening, seemingly unforgiving silence. 

Author : Brian Goll (B3rd Friend and English Teacher at Dallas Jesuit High School)


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