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Get more out of sports, grow as a leader, network with other B3rd athletes, coaches and parents, & discover how God is using sports to shape you into the best version of yourself. 

What is Locals? 

Locals is a community building platform that allows us to post our content and engage with you. It is FREE to sign up but you do have an option to support our work and enjoy exclusive content. Once you have created an account you can also download the Locals APP on iPhone or Android devices to get all our great resources on your mobile devices. 

what do you get?

Journey to Becoming 3rd

Starts in August and Ends in May

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The Journey to Becoming 3rd is an answer to Jesus commanding us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

Each week in the Journey to Becoming 3rd we introduce a new topic and then spend the rest of the week learning from the scriptures. The lesson to start the week will challenge you to grow in your spiritual journey, help you become a better teammate, and prepare you to be holy men and women of God. Tuesday we read and learn from the Old Testament, Wednesday we pray the Psalms, Thursday is a reflection from the New Testament, and each Friday we end with Christ's teachings in the Gospels. 

Recruiting Intangibles

Summer Program May-August

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Leadership Lessons

Year Round Book Club

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As you journey as an athlete and try to become the best you can be, many will desire to play at the next level. Summer sports and the recruiting process have become a very crowded space. Over the summer we focus on the pursuit of excellence by teaching the intangibles that will help you stand out in a crowd. 

Yes, you need to be skilled at your sport, but there are other things that college coaches look for in individual athletes. Find out here every week when we podcast with a different college coach to discuss a specific topic. This is your opportunity to hear from them. 

Coach Field is an avid reader of leadership, culture building, and whatever else he feels will help his teams and coaches. He understands that you might not have the time he does, so you get to take advantage of his notes and thoughts. 

If you have ever heard of Cliff Notes, consider this Field Notes. They come in both written and podcast form. There is a wealth of knowledge from other industries that we can apply to sports and our goal is to bring them to you in easy to understand bite size chunks. You will only find this on the B3rd Athletics Locals Platform and yes, it's for supporters only, so join today. 

Learn, Grow, & Journey With Us

B3rd Locals Community

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